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How I Got Started

As a kid, I reveled in the big tub in my parent’s house.  When I left home, my tubs were disappointing, but nevertheless, I soaked.  

Through all these soaks, I searched for the perfect companion-the right soap.  I tried liquid soaps, three quarter cleansing cream soaps, 99.99% pure soaps, minty fresh soaps, embarrassingly expensive soaps and still, I emerged from the tub pruned up and dried out.  The thing is, they were all made with preservatives, detergents, un-pronounceable chemicals.

Then-it happened!  I met a beekeeper and she made soap with the beeswax!  I bought a lot of soap.  And I FELL IN LOVE!

It wasn’t long before I started thinking “I can make this”.  I made some really ugly soap, took a soap-making lesson at Heirloom Soapworks in Lebanon, Illinois, and studied soap making.  As my soaps got better, my family started noticing that most of my conversations included the word “lye”.  I might have gone a little overboard.  Since there is a limited amount of soap one person can use in a lifetime (even me) I needed an outlet.  ROSEBUD SOAPWORKS was born! 

So now I am a full time soaper.  I design my own recipes without preservatives, detergents, or unpronounceable chemicals-and without palm oil.  You will love the luxurious lather and scents, and your skin will feel the difference that soaps made with all natural skin loving oils, butters, waxes, essential oils and skin safe fragrances make!

Try a bar and fall in love while you splash!